HAPPY TIME JUMPERS                             CORONA, CALIFORNIA



Where are you located ?

South Corona, California


Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to Corona, Norco, Eastvale, Mira Loma, Dos Lagos, Eagle Glen, central Riverside, Canyon Crest, Orange Crest, Wood Crest, Lake Matthews, Horse Thief Canyon, Sycamore Creek and Lake Elsinore.  We consider our local area to be approximately 10 miles from the 91/15 freeway interchange.  Deliveries outside our local area may incur minimal gasoline charges.

Are your jumpers clean?

Absolutely!  We wipe, clean and disinfect our jumpers with 10% bleach.  Thousands of children play in our jumpers and as parents we know all too well what our kids can do with their fingers, hands and feet.

How much space is needed for the bounce house?

Most of our jumpers are medium-sized 13x13 feet.  An area of about 15x15 feet , flat and free of rocks and debris is desirable.  Grass is the safest surface, both for the children and our units.  However, concrete i.e. driveways are ok and even dirt, 

How much do you charge for your jumpers?

The rental rates for our jumpers is usually based on a daily rate up to and usually exceeding 8 hours.  The rental rate also is based quite fairly on where you are in relation to us and also the style, size and popularity of the particular jumper you are interested in.  Our daily rental rates are based on the season and time of year; we start at a very reasonable $75 to a maximum of $275 for some of our larger combo/slides, and water slides.  The majority of our 13x13 medium licensed bounce houses are generally in the $85 to $100 price range.

 What character jump houses do you have?

We have a nice selection of licensed jump houses from Disney/Pixar, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Sesame Street, DreamWorks, and PBS.  They are pictured on our Gallery pages.  Unfortunately, not all the characters our kids love are licensed to be on jumpers.  We respect the artistic and intellectual property of these gifted companies, so don't be fooled by the fake, counterfeit, cheesy and cheap representations of these lovable and legally trademarked characters.

 Is a deposit required?

No.  However, if you wish to cancel the jumper we ask that you cancel as quick as possible so that we may have the opportinity to rent that unit to another customer

Do you accept checks?


What if it rains?

We can't predict the weather, although we do keep informed as to the weather forecasts.  We will not deliver if it is raining, nor will we deliver if heavy rain is imminent.  Gray skies or even light drizzle is acceptable , however, if the weather turns nastier we may have to pickup our equipment earlier than hoped with NO REFUNDS.  We will always endeavor to work with you but we can only do so much with what Mother Nature gives us.

What if it is windy?

In extreme weather conditions, (examples including but not limited to:  constant and variable winds and gusts exceeding 20 mph , extreme heat, nearby brush fires and ashes, rain) common sense and a SAFETY FIRST mentality will always prevail.  Therefore, if any  of the above mentioned weather conditions exist on the day of your reservation we may very well have to regretfully cancel delivery.  We will maintain communication with you if weather could be a factor on the day of your party.  .

What if we have a dog?

Your dog will have to either be restrained or restricted from the setup area prior to and during our setting up the jump house for their safety, our safety and practical reasons.  Also, we must insist that you pickup your dog poop before we setup the jump house.  If the area is not free of dog poop, we will respectfully have to decline your business. 

What if we are having a late party? When is your last pick up?

We always endeavor to work with our customers and to make sure they are satisfied.  However, there are limitations to what  we can, can't and willing to do based on the physicalities of each and every situation.  We ask your indulgence in that spirit so that we can find a solution to your individual request.  Generally speaking though, we usually start picking up equipment  between 6:00 and 8:00pm.  Any later pickup requests or next day pickups may incur an extra charge. Next day pick up will not happen if the unit it reserved for the next day, same day pick up will be required

Are we obligated to tip the delivery guys?

You are not obligated to tip.  However, if you are pleased with the service and the guys did a good job, then tips are always very much appreciated!!